Make use of your other domains

Did you also buy the .net, .info and .org domain names, when you bought the .com of your company domain name? If so, think about building new sites to use those domains (instead of just redirecting people to only your .com landing page). This will help you occupy the top search results with more content you manage, for the reason that search engines place a lot of weight on words in URLs.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, there are other things you can do to get your online reputation management protected. You can create a Flickr account optimized with the name of your company, instruct your business partners to post an optimized profile regarding your company on their own site and lots more.

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Presenting your business with ORM

Online Reputation Management can change the image of your business. It depends on you how you represent your the services of your business in front of your customers. The presentation skills are the most important thing in marketing of your product or services. If you are representing your services in a good way, more customers will come to you to buy the services. Always give services to the customers in such a way that they will feel they are getting more than what they are paying for the services.

Online reputation management sill help you in representing your services in this way.


Maintain Your Brand Name

 This is the initial step to online reputation management. You need to make sure that nobody has control of misrepresenting you online by controlling a piece of your brand, whether your brand is your name, your product name or your business name. Use any of, and web services to do this.They are really effective strategies for reputation management.


Social Media Profiles for building backlinks

Social Media profiles are very effective in building back links for SEO. But for gaining back links the profile must be created in a proper way with pictures and updated content. They should be connected with your websites and other profiles so that it can create back links for them. Other than this nowadays more people are active on social media profiles so through them you can generate traffic for online marketing also. You can create a social circle on these social media websites so that they can become your permanent traffic for websites. There are so many great websites for this such as Facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, delicious etc.

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In order to get traffic to your website, comment marketing is a traditional and successful way. As many people do not succeed with ignorance, We gives some tips for gaining clients, traffic, trust, likeability, awareness, and adding appreciation to your authority online.


There are three methods in SEO world about comment marketing. The technique of white hat is followed by people for gaining respect, authority, and trust. The main objective of these people is not to get links but to influence readers via discussions and comments. The technique of black hat aims to build traffic and links but Google bans this technique or sanctions your site. People who do not add any value to their discussions or comments use the technique of grey hat with the objective to obtain a backlink.


Comment marketing enables people to acknowledge your influence and authority by looking at the content of your comment that adds significant value to the discussion. If you are commenting a blog ensure that your paragraph or comment of one line adds value to the blog. People who add value to the discussion are known as high influencers with a large number of Twitter, Facebook followers. Such people can link back from their content to your website for gaining your likeability and trust. They can spread your message via events, conference and obtain the respect of the users simultaneously. That is why We recommends planning for a long lasting relationship with your strategy of comment marketing by letting these people to post as guests in your blog.


Vishnu Bhagat shows how to web 2.0 sites for building links. Since Google updated Penguin, building link is now about quality. Therefore, traditional methods of building link such as RSS submission, press releases, directory submission, and article submission works rarely today.

Vishnu Bhagat is featuring numerous websites of quality where you can list your website/blog. Even if these websites might not generate a huge traffic to your blog, they use several ways to growth the backlinks to your blog. Many of these websites enable you to type your URL as a bio link. This means that you obtain a backlink in few minutes and if you use these websites actively, you can increase the number of backlinks from them.


For instance, when you set up a profile on YouTube, it is possible for you to add a link to your blog or website from your uploaded videos and also from the page of your profile. You can also join websites that drive communities such as Yahoo Answers, Microsoft Community, Digital Point, and many others. From your profile pages and discussions, you can add link to your blog or website.

While there are numerous blogs posts featuring many ways to obtain backlinks, they oblige a lot of effort since some genuine work is necessary. These blogs just highpoint random ideas such asbegin an affiliate program, a forum, write a book online, or any other way but it is hard to apply their suggestions.